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OVR Office Directory
Locate the OVR office closest to you within Pennsylvania
PA Association for the Blind (PAB)
Learn how PAB supports its member agencies helping people manage and prepare for vision loss
National Association of the Deaf (NAD)
Discover how NAD supports the civil rights for deaf and hard of hearing individuals
Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Read about services assisting with job training, employment accommodations, and resume development
Disability Web Resources
View workforce and career-related websites
Assistive Technology
Learn about Assistive Technology devices and services available to eligible individuals
Career Opportunities
View job openings for interns and new hires within PA OVR
Web Resources
View workforce and career-related websites
Worker's Compensation
Learn about worker's compensation benefits
Unemployment Compensation
View resources on eligibility requirements and the application process
Job Market Data
View job market data from the Center for Workforce Information and Analysis
Apply for Benefits
Learn how PA COMPASS can help individuals apply for health and human service
Mental Health in PA
Learn about the resources available under the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS)
PA Department of Health
Discover how the Department of Health strives to promote healthy behavior
PA Guide to Treating Heroin and Opioid Addiction
Read what actions you can take towards treating heroin and opioid addiction
Opioid Addiction Information
Learn more about Pennsylvania's approach to ending the opioid crisis
Rehabilitation Services Handbook
Learn more about the eligibility services offered and application process
Learn about the available employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities
Social Security Administration
Learn about the eligibility process for Social Security benefits
Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services
Learn about the nation's major health care programs

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