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The quality and selection of training providers and programs are vital to achieving consumer choice, job-driven training, provider performance, and continuous improvement for the public workforce development system under Title I of the federal Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA).

Training providers interested in having courses/programs included on Pennsylvania’s Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) apply electronically through the Commonwealth Workforce Development System (CWDS) to one of the 23 Local Workforce Development Areas (LWDA) throughout the commonwealth. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year. The policies and guidance of Local Workforce Development Boards and of Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor & Industry (L&I) affect funding and course/program restrictions.

The application process, that leads to approval and the listing of each program individually on the ETPL, begins at the local level. The Local Workforce Development Board has 30 days to review and approve or reject the application. If the application is rejected due to the LWDA’s policies, the provider may apply to a different LWDA. For the second and final level of the process, L&I has 30 days to review the work of the Board and approves or rejects the application for the course/program to be included on the statewide Eligible Training Provider List.

The statewide ETPL is an annual list; therefore, training providers must reapply each year for continued eligibility to have their courses/programs remain on the ETPL for the following year. Training providers may email with questions regarding the eligibility process.

Apprenticeship programs that are registered with the US Department of Labor’s (USDOL) Office of Apprenticeship or with Pennsylvania’s State Apprenticeship Council are automatically eligible for inclusion on ETPL when the apprenticeship program remains registered. Information on the RA program may be found at the federal website. For inclusion on the statewide ETPL, Registered Apprenticeship program sponsors submit a request for inclusion with a copy of the Pennsylvania Certificate of Registration or the USDOL Certificate of Registration of Apprenticeship and other pertinent information to the PA Apprenticeship & Training Office via its email resource account.

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Online Registration to Qualify as an Eligible Training Provider (ETP)

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Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) Training Provider Desk Aid

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