Is a prior charge or conviction preventing you from landing a job?  You may be eligible to have your record sealed under the new Clean Slate law.  Follow the link below for a confidential screening and to receive free legal advice:

*This service will not provide you with legal representation to clear your record.  You may not need help if you qualify for automated sealing.

PLEASE: to protect your personal information, take one more minute and press the link below to “Learn How to Protect Yourself from Potential Job Scams”. We want your job searching experience to be helpful.


It's tax season again! Employers: remember to report any temporary or seasonal employees that may be hired over this busy time. If your company is unaware of the requirements for reporting their new hires under Pennsylvania law, tax season is the perfect time to come into compliance, and report all of your employees currently working for you.

To learn more, contact our New Hire Reporting Program Customer Service at 1-888-724-4737 (1-888-PAHIRES), or press the "Watch: How-To Videos on New Hire Reporting" hyperlink at the top of the New Hire Reporting Program Information page.

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