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PA CareerLink® staff offer a wide variety of services. Please select one or more of the following no-cost services if you would like staff to give you more information when they follow up with you.

Get assistance posting your jobs to the PA CareerLink® job board.
Attend or receive assistance related to PA CareerLink® job fairs or events.
Assistance identifying qualified candidates including maintaining apps on file, searching for applicants, and prescreening qualified applicants.
Information regarding hiring individuals with a criminal background.
Information or assistance hiring veterans including Federal Contractor List and Affirmative Action.
Office of Vocational Rehab (OVR) training related to hiring/retaining individuals with disabilities.
OVR training related to hiring/retaining individuals with disabilities.
Assistance with analyzing/defining duties for job postings, job analysis, task analysis, and retention.
Information to help employers access labor market info, trends, and projections.
Informational sessions to assist employers in receiving tax credits for certain hires.
Information about grants to assist with training needs.
Assistance/training for maximum use of PA CareerLink® Online.
Available funding offered by the PA Department of Community and Economic Development. View more at: https://dced.pa.gov/business-assistance/workforce-development/