I'm An Employer/Sponsor Interested in Pre-Apprenticeship

Are you looking To create a pipeline Of qualified candidates To your existing Registered Apprenticeship program? Pre-apprenticeship programs provide a great onramp For qualified workers To gain the skills they need To succeed In a full apprenticeship program.

The Basics

Pre-apprenticeship programs are designed to prepare individuals to enter and succeed in a Registered Apprenticeship program, and ultimately a career. They can be delivered by a range of entities including community-based organizations, high schools, labor organizations, workforce agencies, or community colleges. For educational institutions, the programs are integrated directly into their existing curriculum and structure. Pre-apprenticeship programs are linked with existing apprenticeship programs and provide the instruction, preparation, and supports to advance participants to apprenticeship programs or other careers.

The Benefits of Pre-Apprenticeship

Pre-apprenticeship programs expands participants’ career pathway opportunities with industry-based training and classroom instruction, preparing individuals to enter and succeed in registered apprenticeships.

Pre-apprenticeship training is a great way for participants to:
  • Explore and learn about exciting careers.
  • Qualify to meet the minimum standards for selection to a registered apprenticeship program.
  • Benefit from classroom and technology-based training.
  • Build the literacy, math, English, and work-readiness skills employers desire.

For registered apprenticeship program sponsors, pre-apprenticeship training is a great way to recruit and pre-screen qualified, job-ready apprentices likely to complete their apprenticeship program.

How to Start and Register a Pre-Appenticeship Program

Registering your pre-apprenticeship program is easy, and involves four main steps:

Step #1: Develop your pre-apprenticeship program
Step #2: Complete your registration paperwork
Step #3: Register your pre-apprenticeship program with the State
Step #4: Launch and maintain your program

Detailed instructions for each of these steps are contained in the Registering a Pre-Apprenticeship Program in PA guide. As you begin to develop your program, please reach out to your regional Apprenticeship & Training Representative (ATR), who can provide additional assistance as you register your pre-apprenticeship program.


This detailed guide on registering your pre-apprenticeship program in Pennsylvania includes step-by-step instructions to developing your program, completing your registration paperwork, registering your program with the state, and launching and maintaining your program.
A quick guide summarizing the various roles in Registered Pre-Apprenticeship and the tasks associated to each role and partner.
Standards are the Sponsor's written plan outlining all terms and conditions for the recruitment, selection, employment, training, and supervision of their apprentices. It specifies the legal requirements of all Pre-Apprenticeship programs, and includes details of your specific program.
Provides a comprehensive description of your pre-apprenticeship program.
This template should be used for registering new pre-apprentices.
This template provides a suggested format for capturing your program's curriculum and hands-on learning.
Provides a 4-step process overview of how to register an apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs in PA.
This form is to be used for potential sponsors who are interested in learning more about what is involved in developing and registering a pre-apprenticeship program. This form initiates the sponsorship process and the individual should expect an invite to a pre-apprenticeship info session as next steps after filling out this form.

Funding Opportunities

Registered apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships have access to a growing number of federal and state funding programs that can support your training, including the GI Bill (which provides supplemental support to veterans engaged in apprenticeship), Pell Grants (which can cover the cost of tuition, fees, books and supplies) and the Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act (which may provide wage reimbursements to the employers or wrap around services for apprentices). The PA Department of Labor & Industry also makes supports apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs through its PAsmart and Apprenticeship State Expansion (ASE) funding initiatives. Please refer to the resources below for the latest opportunities.


Provides an overview of funding resources available for apprenticeship programs in PA.
This quick guide provides information for companies, employers, labor, apprenticeship sponsors, educators, workforce professionals, intermediaries and community-based organizations on using Federal funds and resources to support registered apprenticeship.

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