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PARAMEDIC (Alternate Title: Health Care Specialist)

Expected Outcome:  Registered Apprenticeship Certificate  |  Program Length:  1180 Hours  
Cetronia Ambulance Corp - Registered Apprenticeship
HVAC/R Associate in Applied Science
Industry-experienced instructors provide the basic fundamentals of electrical and mechanical systems with over 400-hours of in-depth, hands-on study of actual refrigeration, burner and ventilation systems. As a student in the program, you will be prepared to take the EPA Refrigerant Technician licen
Expected Outcome:   |  Program Length:  67 Hours/ 104 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $15,266.00 - $30,083.00
Northampton Community College- Bethlehem (ETPP)
ELECTRICIAN (Alternate Title: Interior Electrician)

Expected Outcome:  Registered Apprenticeship Certificate  |  Program Length:  1000 Hours  
Reading Electricians JATC - Registered Apprenticeship
Dental Assisting
Program prepares individuals to function effectively as an integral member of the dental health team. Students will perform chair-side assisting, office duties, selected dental office laboratory procedures, and dental radiography. Course will include instruction in standard precautions, communicatio
Expected Outcome:  Occupational Certificate/Certification  |  Program Length:  1000 Hours/ 40 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $9,162.00 - $9,162.00
Somerset County Technology Center
814-443-3651 Ext: 6156
Class A CDL Driver Training Program
Student training will start in the classroom, where they will learn about the vehicles, basic truck driving controls, pre-trip inspection, cargo handling, emergency protocol and more. Students will then move to the driving range, where they will practice mastering operation and control of the vehic
Expected Outcome:  Occupational License  |  Program Length:  162 Hours/ 4 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $5,000.00 - $5,000.00
Delaware County Community College - Media
Industrial Maintenance Technician
The Industrial Maintenance Technician program is designed to provide the student with the knowledge and skills needed to apply for an entry-level position in this industry.
Expected Outcome:  Diploma  |  Program Length:  48 Hours/ 45 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $21,006.00 - $21,006.00
Laurel Technical Institute
MACHINIST (Alternate Title: Precision Machinist)

Expected Outcome:  Registered Apprenticeship Certificate  |  Program Length:  576 Hours  
Davies Precision Machining - Registered Apprenticeship
IT Security & Network Technician
The IT Security & Network Technician program is designed to help students prepare for the Security+ and the Network+ examinations administered by CompTIA. This dual certification program provides an IT professional with the knowledge, experience, and confidence to succeed in a new career, or to allo
Expected Outcome:  Occupational Certificate/Certification  |  Program Length:  288 Hours/ 18 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $4,000.00 - $4,000.00
Engineering Technology
Engineering Technology program prepares our students for engineering careers through the study and practice of three disciplines – Architectural, Mechanical and Civil Engineering. This comprehensive, challenging program incorporates drafting, solid modeling, Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD), and CNC pr
Expected Outcome:  Associate’s Degree  |  Program Length:  2047 Hours/ 84 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $44,328.00 - $44,328.00
South Hills School of Business & Technology - State College
Medication Care Coordinator
The Medication Care Coordinator program is designed to equip the student with the skills necessary to provide excellent support in a pharmacy environment and the knowledge to achieve the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA), and Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) certifications. The r
Expected Outcome:  Occupational Certificate/Certification  |  Program Length:  352 Hours/ 22 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $4,000.00 - $4,000.00
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