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Online Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep
This course will provide entry-level project managers with the knowledge and skills take the Project Management Institute’s nationally recognized Project Management Professional (PMP) exam. This credential is considered the standard of excellence in the field of project management and is often a re
Expected Outcome:  Industry Recognized Certificate/Certification  |  Program Length:  130 Hours  |  Service Cost:  $3,690.00 - $3,690.00
Lackawanna College
Emergency Medical Technician
The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is the first step towards the exciting occupational field of emergency medical services. The EMT provides basic emergency medical care and transportation for critically injured, emergent and non-emergent patients who access the emergency medical system. The obj
Expected Outcome:  Postsecondary Diploma  |  Program Length:  480 Hours/ 24 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $11,964.00 - $11,964.00
All-State Career Schools - Essington
Combination Welding
The Combination Welding Program is a series of comprehensive courses to provide individuals with skills in various welding applications based on ASME and AWS specifications. Program is offered both Day and Evening Schedules.
Expected Outcome:  Postsecondary Diploma  |  Program Length:  1200 Hours  |  Service Cost:  $21,495.00 - $21,495.00
New Castle School of Trades
Masonry Construction
The Masonry and Building Construction Technology Program prepares students for careers in the masonry construction field, apprenticeships, or post-secondary education. There are two elements to the program. The hands-on component of the program provides instruction on block, brick, stone, glass bloc
Expected Outcome:  Occupational Certificate/Certification  |  Program Length:  900 Hours/ 39 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $7,100.00 - $7,100.00
Clearfield County Career & Technology Center
Massage Therapy
The European Medical School of Massage LLC is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Division of Private Schools, accredited by COMTA, the Commission On Massage Therapy Accreditation and is an Assigned School by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). We are the only school i
Expected Outcome:  Occupational License  |  Program Length:  21 Hours/ 38 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $16,132.00 - $16,132.00
European Medical School of Massage LLC
IT User Support
This career track aligns with the skills possessed by many at-risk and low-wage workers who have a basic understanding of operating systems, and computer applications, but need an industry-recognized certification to break into the field. Peirce College will allow you to earn college credits for the
Expected Outcome:  Occupational Certificate/Certification  |  Program Length:  260 Hours/ 44 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $12,659.00 - $12,659.00
Nurse Aide Training
In this program, participants learn through classroom instruction and hand-on experience the role of a certified nurse aide to prepare for a new career.  Participants learn about working as a certified nurse aide, how to communicate with patients, the rights of patients, how to provide personal
Expected Outcome:  Employment Skill Gain  |  Program Length:  100 Hours/ 4 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $1,745.00 - $1,745.00
CareBridge Academy
Class B CDL Training
This program is divided into classroom theory, lab instruction, one student per truck driver training, and a skills exam. Equipment is comparable to current industry standards. The program is taught by instructors with years of safe driving experience. After completion of 20 hours of classroom theor
Expected Outcome:  Occupational License  |  Program Length:  40 Hours  |  Service Cost:  $4,309.00 - $4,309.00
Lehigh Career & Technical Institute
Building & Facility Maintenance Technician Program
The career and technical programs at Delaware County Community College utilize innovative technologies to enhance the education & training with career preparation being the goal.  Programs are reviewed by industry employers who make up the advisory boards in each subject.  Through inpu
Expected Outcome:  Occupational Certificate/Certification  |  Program Length:  218 Hours  |  Service Cost:  $3,999.00 - $3,999.00
Delaware County Community College - Media
Heavy Equipment Operations & CDL/A Training
This program combines tractor trailer driving and heavy equipment operations in a 334 hour course that will make students highly marketable within the industry. Students will be prepared for the state written and skills test for CDL A which is administered on site by LCTI state certified examiners.
Expected Outcome:  Occupational License  |  Program Length:  334 Hours  |  Service Cost:  $13,499.00 - $13,499.00
Lehigh Career & Technical Institute
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