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Culinary Arts
This program provides training for entry level workers in the Food Service Industry. Program topics include workplace skills, food preparation, sanitation, kitchen and equipment safety, cooking and serving techniques.
Expected Outcome:  Occupational Certificate/Certification  |  Program Length:  30 Hours/ 36 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $6,950.00 - $6,950.00
Jeff Tech
Precision Machine Shop
Course has eight components from beginner to preparing to become more of an expert. Students will learn theory and machine operation to complete hands-on shop project. Each 72 hour course is $1000.00 each. Lab fee: $450.00 - Books and tool kit to start program. Courses can be taken separately but to
Expected Outcome:  Occupational Certificate/Certification   Hours  |  Service Cost:  $9,650.00 - $9,650.00
North Montco Technical Career Center
Course has two components: Gas/Oil Furnace Technician course will provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the systems operation, efficiencies, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and all safety related issues. Both forced air furnaces and hot water boilers will be covered. Residential
Expected Outcome:  Occupational Certificate/Certification   Hours/ Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $2,800.00 - $2,800.00
North Montco Technical Career Center
Nurse Aid
Delaware County Community College is an open-access institution of higher education that serves the broadly diverse communities and peoples of Delaware and Chester Counties as well as the surrounding region.  The career training programs offered by the College are designed to take students from
Expected Outcome:  Occupational License  |  Program Length:  16 Hours/ 6 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $2,279.00 - $2,279.00
Delaware County Community College - Media
Certified Medical Admin. Assistant w/ Billing & Coding
This course will teach you how Administrative Medical Assistants are versatile and valuable healthcare team members who handle a broad range of duties. Administrative medical assistants are skilled multitaskers who direct the flow of patients through an office. Their duties can include scheduling ap
Expected Outcome:  Occupational Certificate/Certification  |  Program Length:  11 Hours  |  Service Cost:  $3,695.00 - $3,695.00
Indiana County Technology Center
Prerequisite for Master of Business Administration
SBU 495 - MBA Foundations (Business) Variable (1-3). Credit(s)
Expected Outcome:   |  Program Length:  3 Hours/ 8 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $2,848.00 - $2,848.00
Seton Hill University
Business Administration
The Business Administration program provides education for the person seeking an entry-level career in business administration. Students are provided an opportunity to establish a solid foundation in administration and management; customer service; economics and accounting; sales and marketing; proj
Expected Outcome:  Associate’s Degree  |  Program Length:  25 Hours/ 70 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $32,740.00 - $32,740.00
McCann School of Business and Technology
Master of Education in Innovative Instruction
The Innovative Instruction graduate program is an exciting new program that examines curriculum and instruction, design, and delivery. This unique degree demonstrates the latest in curriculum design and technology, preparing students for the world they are going to live and work in. In addition, the
Expected Outcome:   |  Program Length:  30 Hours/ 52 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $29,080.00 - $29,080.00
Seton Hill University
Electrical Technology
Length: 720hours/6 months/Monday -Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Tuition $8,550.00 Course Covers: electrical safety, circuits, electrical math, installation/design/maintenance techniques, controls & robotics, residential/commercial/industrial wiring. OSHA and NFPA 70E safety certifications. Uses
Expected Outcome:  Occupational Certificate/Certification  |  Program Length:  32 Hours/ 24 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $11,305.00 - $11,305.00
Greater Johnstown Career & Technology Center
Online Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep
This course will provide entry-level project managers with the knowledge and skills take the Project Management Institute’s nationally recognized Project Management Professional (PMP) exam. This credential is considered the standard of excellence in the field of project management and is often a re
Expected Outcome:  Industry Recognized Certificate/Certification  |  Program Length:  130 Hours  |  Service Cost:  $3,690.00 - $3,690.00
Lackawanna College
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