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PARAMEDIC (Alternate Title: Health Care Specialist)

Expected Outcome:  Registered Apprenticeship Certificate  |  Program Length:  1180 Hours  
Cetronia Ambulance Corp - Registered Apprenticeship
HVAC/R Associate in Applied Science
Industry-experienced instructors provide the basic fundamentals of electrical and mechanical systems with over 400-hours of in-depth, hands-on study of actual refrigeration, burner and ventilation systems. As a student in the program, you will be prepared to take the EPA Refrigerant Technician licen
Expected Outcome:   |  Program Length:  67 Hours/ 104 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $15,266.00 - $30,083.00
Northampton Community College- Bethlehem (ETPP)
MACHINIST (Alternate Title: Precision Machinist)

Expected Outcome:  Registered Apprenticeship Certificate  |  Program Length:  576 Hours  
Davies Precision Machining - Registered Apprenticeship
Nursing: LPN Certificate
Program prepares graduates for entry into the nursing profession as a practical nurse. Practical nurses work under the direction of a licensed registered nurse, licensed physician or dentist. Graduates who successfully complete the program are eligible to apply to a State Board of Nursing for licens
Expected Outcome:  Community College Certificate  |  Program Length:  43 Hours/ 52 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $16,017.00 - $24,372.00
Northampton Community College- Bethlehem (ETPP)
With a shortage of qualified engineers in the United States, demand is high in this profession. CCBC’s Engineering program emphasizes strong qualitative and quantitative skills related to mathematics and science concepts. Students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills needed in the fi
Expected Outcome:  Associate’s Degree  |  Program Length:  1120 Hours/ 104 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $16,560.00 - $28,560.00
Community College of Beaver County - Monaca
Dental Hygiene A.A.S.
Dental hygienists are licensed oral health professionals who play an essential role in the field of dentistry. Dental hygienists provide a variety of services that prevent, or limit the extent of, cavities and/or gum disease. They also provide educational, clinical and therapeutic services for peopl
Expected Outcome:  Associate’s Degree  |  Program Length:  74 Hours/ 104 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $25,956.00 - $40,773.00
Northampton Community College- Bethlehem (ETPP)
Culinary Arts
The Culinary Arts major is an intensive, twelve-month program that prepares students for entry-level positions in the food service industry. This curriculum teaches essential skills needed in today’s kitchens. The students spend over fifty percent of their training receiving hands-on instruction cou
Expected Outcome:  Postsecondary Diploma  |  Program Length:  1407 Hours/ 50 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $19,000.00 - $19,000.00
Bidwell Training Center
412-323-4000 Ext: 155
Master of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration. Explain & demonstrate the best practices of corporate social responsibility & ethical decision-making in the workplace.
Expected Outcome:  Master’s Degree  |  Program Length:  3168 Hours/ 88 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $45,036.00 - $46,800.00
Point Park University
Web Design & Digital Marketing
Springhouse is celebrating our 30th year of providing top quality, award winning training and consulting solutions for both the individual and the corporate marketplace. We are an official Registered Education Provider for both the Project Management Institute (PMI) and, and have won PMI's
Expected Outcome:  Industry Recognized Certificate/Certification  |  Program Length:  120 Hours/ 10 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $4,000.00 - $4,000.00
Springhouse Education & Consulting Services
610-321-3500 Ext: 3511

Expected Outcome:  Registered Apprenticeship Certificate  |  Program Length:  780 Hours  
Vision Mechanical Inc - Registered Apprenticeship
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