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CDL Truck Driver Training I (Class A)
Course will provide the student with the ability to pass the requirements of the PA Commercial Drivers License test.  This program includes requirements for Class A permits which includes the following endorsements:  air brakes, haz-mat, tanker, passenger and double/triple trailers. 
Expected Outcome:  Industry Recognized Certificate/Certification  |  Program Length:  115 Hours/ 24 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $5,000.00 - $5,000.00
North Montco Technical Career Center
Building Trades - 128 Hrs.
Building trade students receive training in four distinct disciplines; Electrical, HVAC, Carpentry and Plumbing. Tool safety, residential maintenance, and basic home remodeling ideas and techniques are included
Expected Outcome:  Credential Skill Gain  |  Program Length:  128 Hours/ 16 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $4,994.00 - $4,994.00
Western Area Career & Technology Center
Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating
Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heating is a diploma program. Students are taught the skills required to diagnose, maintain, and repair residential air conditioning and commercial air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration equipment. Students learn refrigeration through work with freezers, co
Expected Outcome:  Postsecondary Diploma  |  Program Length:  720 Hours/ 24 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $17,235.00 - $17,235.00
Orleans Technical College
MPS in Strategic Communications - 100% Online
Penn State's online Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Strategic Communications focused on advanced strategies and tactics in conveying information across digital media. In this 30-credit degree program, you will learn the methods and practices used to conduct effective research in examinin
Expected Outcome:   |  Program Length:  450 Hours/ 60 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $35,365.00 - $35,365.00
Penn State World Campus
Residential Wiring and Electricity Certificate Program
Students learn how to install, maintain, and repair electrical wiring, equipment and fixtures. To be employed as an electrician, training involving both hands-on experience and learning from experienced workers is a must. Here at LCTI, students get exactly that.

Expected Outcome:  Occupational Certificate/Certification  |  Program Length:  200 Hours  |  Service Cost:  $4,590.00 - $4,590.00
Lehigh Career & Technical Institute
Automotive Technology
The Automotive Technology program is structured to provide the student with entry level job skills and knowledge nexessary to enter the work market as automotive technician. Graduates will be qualified for entry level positions such as automotive technicians, general mechanics, automotive assemblers
Expected Outcome:  Associate’s Degree  |  Program Length:  1320 Hours  |  Service Cost:  $24,382.00 - $24,382.00
New Castle School of Trades
Welding Technology
The ICTC Welding program follows American Welding Society (AWS) curriculum guidelines for entry level welders. AWS is a professional, international organization that guides the welding industry. This structure provides qualified students the opportunity to earn industry credentials endorsed by the A
Expected Outcome:  Postsecondary Diploma  |  Program Length:  720 Hours  |  Service Cost:  $10,617.00 - $10,617.00
Indiana County Technology Center
Welding and Metal Fabrication
Competency based program providing theory and practice in welding. Curriculum includes blueprint reading, metal identification and electrode selection. The program features oxyacetylene, electric arc, metallic inert gas, and tungsten inert gas welding with the addition of plasma arc and spray proces
Expected Outcome:  Industry Recognized Certificate/Certification  |  Program Length:  900 Hours/ 39 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $7,650.00 - $7,650.00
Clearfield County Career & Technology Center
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Marketing
Marketing involves a wide array of activities that promote commerce, benefit organizations and satisfy human needs. Marketing includes advertising, public relations, market research, sales management, product development and management. Graduates with a Business of Administration degree in Marketing
Expected Outcome:  Bachelor’s Degree  |  Program Length:  15 Hours/ 150 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $55,747.00 - $106,710.00
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Carpentry is a diploma program. Students learn hands-on new construction skills. They build a house to scale in order to learn framing, drywall, rough and fine finishing, siding, shingled roofing, and door and window installation. Students construct a full size deck and staircase. Training includes
Expected Outcome:  Postsecondary Diploma  |  Program Length:  720 Hours/ 24 Weeks  |  Service Cost:  $17,805.00 - $17,805.00
Orleans Technical College
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