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Electronic Health Records & Reimbursement Specialist

LIVONIA, Michigan | MedCerts | ID: 141018


13955 FARMINGTON RD LIVONIA, Michigan 48154-5453
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Online Training
Distance Learning
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$4,000.00 - $4,000.00

Description of Training Provider

MedCerts is a distance learning initiative to provide self-paced, user-friendly multimedia, simulations, and more importantly, mentored learning assistance from expert instructors and certification professionals.

Program Description

Achieve 2 NATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS from The National Health career Association -- CEHRS - Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist and CBCS - Certified Billing and Coding Specialist. The books, practice exams, exams and job placement assistance are included in the program. -- This career choice is ideal for the individual who wants to focus their work efforts in the back office while having limited contact with patients. This involves entering necessary data for processing insurance claims for reimbursement, following up on rejected claims, posting insurance payments, sending patient statements and handling patient billing inquiries and preparation of monthly reports. It is extremely important that the health record be accurate for patient safety and reimbursement of services. In recent years, there have been significant advancements in technology related to maintaining electronic records, along with a sharp increase in the ease of use of such systems. This information is gathered from multiple locations, yet able to be electronically accessed from one virtual place. The technology that intertwines health information from a variety of sources is known as an Electronic Health Record, or EHR.

Skills & Competencies

Program curriculum includes- • Medical Terminology • Creation of Insurance Claims • Processing insurance payments, write offs & rejections • Health insurance coverage basics - ICD10 • Introduction to Medical Billing & Coding • Practical experience using an actual EHR Software Program • Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security - HIPAA • Transitioning from Paper Charts to EHR • Using EHRs for Reimbursement • Clinical Use of the EHR • Health Promotion, Patient Education, and Clinical Decision Support • Personal Health Record management

Additional Information

  • High School Diploma or Its Equivalent
  • 384 hours/24 weeks
  • 292071 - Medical Records & Health Information Technicians
  • 07/31/2020
  • Full Time, Part Time, Daytime, Evening, Online, Other

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Performance Measures

Of those individuals who completed this course/program,
100% earned a post-secondary credential.
63% were employed within six months after completing training.