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CDL Tractor Trailer Driver Program, Refresher

Lebanon, Pennsylvania | Lebanon County Career School | ID: 141463


755 East Cumberland ST Lebanon, Pennsylvania 17042-5235
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Classroom Training
CDL Tractor Trailer Driver Program, Refresher
Employment Skill Gain
Industry Recognized Certificate/Certification
$3,160.00 - $3,160.00

Description of Training Provider

Program Description

The objective of this course is to provide sufficient training to prepare the student for passing grades on both the written and practical CDL examination. The program is for someone who has driven tractor-trailer before and needs refreshing of skills. The person has already had the Class A license or currently has the A license and has not driven within the last year. This course provides Orientation, Vehicle Inspection, and Basic Control, and Hours of Service Requirement for log book training. The student will receive 9 hours of skills, 11 hours of road and 20 hours of classroom. They will be provided with a certificate of road form which states they can properly operate the tractor-trailer.

Skills & Competencies

Basic skills needed to operate a commercial vehicle and enter an entry level position with carriers. Course outline is PTDI certified. This outline includes Orientation, Vehicle Inspection, Basic Control, Hours of Service, and CDL endorsement training. The Refresher Course is for persons already holding the A license, but haven't driven in one year and employers won't hire them without a Refresher course. Since they already hold the A license, the instructor would perform pre-trip/air brake, skills testing, and road test and document on the certificate of road form. This will be used for employers to view the results of these observations by the instructor. This program is taught with 1:1 instruction in the truck, classroom hours, lab instruction, total of 40 hrs.

Additional Information

Service Costs


Performance Measures

Of those individuals who completed this course/program,
50% earned a post-secondary credential.
50% were employed within six months after completing training.