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Class A CDL Truck Driver Essentials

NEW STANTON, Pennsylvania | Central Westmoreland Career & Technology Center | ID: 142390


240 ARONA RD NEW STANTON, Pennsylvania 15672-9410
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Admissions Office:
724-925-3532 Ext-1309
Classroom Training
150 Hour Class A CDL Truck Driver Essentials/Certificate of Achievement
Employment Skill Gain
Occupational License
$4,498.00 - $4,498.00

Description of Training Provider

CWCTC is vocational technical school accredited by the PA Department of Education offering 23 secondary and adult education programs. Adult programs include CDL, NTMA Machinist Apprentice Program, PennDOT State Inspection and Emissions Classes.

Program Description

This program is designed for the needs of students with no prior knowledge or experience in truck driving. The objective is to provide students with basic knowledge and practical skills necessary to take the Class A CDL test, and assist in preparing them to become entry level supervised tractor-trailer co-driver trainee. The program includes 150 clock hours of instruction, including 118 hours of class, lab and independent study, and 32 hours of behind the wheel driving time. The program takes approximately 4 weeks to complete. The CDL test is administered on site at CWCTC, a third party test site. Students successfully completing the program will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Skills & Competencies

CDL Knowledge and Skills, Basic Operation, Safe & Advanced Operating Practices, Vehicle Systems and Maintenance, Non-Vehicle Activities.

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