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Massage Therapy

EXTON, Pennsylvania | The Wellness Institute of Chester County, LLC | ID: 135252


403D GORDON DR EXTON, Pennsylvania 19341-1249
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Admissions Office:
484-341-8598 Ext-4
Classroom Training
Diploma of Completion in Massage Therapy
Employment Skill Gain
Industry Recognized Certificate/Certification
Postsecondary Diploma
$8,765.00 - $8,765.00

Description of Training Provider

600-hour Massage Therapy Program. The Wellness Institute of Chester County offers a variety of program options. Students can graduate in as little as 4 months or take their time; our longest program is up to 2 years.

Program Description

600 hour Massage Therapy Program. the Wellness Institute of Chester County offers a variety of program options. Students can graduate in as little as 4 months or take their time, our longest program is up to 2 years. Overall, in every program option, students will receive 600 hours of in class instruction by a PA Dept of Private Licensed Schools Approved Program and be ready to sit for the Massage and Bodywork Licensure Examination as soon as they graduate and receive their diploma. A career in Massage Therapy can be a very rewarding experience. Following your education at The Wellness Institute of Chester County’s Massage Therapy School, you will have the opportunity to easily find a job in a variety of health and wellness settings. You could even go into private practice as a small business owner. Massage Therapists have the choice of working in a medical center, spa, cruise line, doctor's offices, massage clinics, or even out of the comfort of their own home. Best of all, you will be equipped to help people for a living. There is so much that you can accomplish with the skills you will be developing from the Massage Therapy School at The Wellness Institute of Chester County here in Exton, PA.

Skills & Competencies

It is The Wellness Institute of Chester County's objective of the Massage Therapy Program to provide its students with education in: • Pennsylvania legal requirements • Business practices • Professional ethics • CPR resulting in a Board-approved certification • Power differentials and other therapeutic boundary issues as they relate to client interactions • Fundamentals of human behavior and respect for clients in the practice of massage therapy. • Practical skills to administer fundamental massage therapy for the treatment of soft tissue manifestations of the human body. • Safely utilize topical preparations, thermal and cryogenic modalities, hydrotherapy and movements that lengthen and shorten soft tissues within the client's normal range of motion. • Locate and palpate muscle attachments, muscle bellies and other anatomical landmarks necessary for the practice of massage therapy. • Use draping/coverage practices that address both function and safety while maintaining patient’s privacy and dignity. • Development, implementation and modification of a massage therapy treatment plan that addresses client soft tissue manifestations needs and concerns, including identifying indications, contraindications and precautions of massage therapy within the scope of the Massage Therapy Act 118 Of 2008 (Amended by Act 45 of 2009) as outlined by the Pennsylvania State Board of Massage. • Obtaining informed consent regarding the risks and benefits of the massage therapy treatment

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