Professional Courier/Driver Job Description

Perform Drivers Vehicle Inspection Reports

Records Hours of Service

Inform Management of any unsafe work conditions

Operate all vehicles in a safe manner in regards to road conditions

Observe and obey all posted traffic signs and signals

Provide operational cost control by operating vehicles in an efficient manner

Provide proactive customer service

Must be capable of safely, securely and confidentially transporting our customer's merchandise

Be able to function as part of a team

Present a friendly professional image to our customers

Hours scheduled for work will be flexible based upon our customers demands

Must be detailed oriented with special care and attention given to chain of custody paperwork

Sense of urgency must be shown towards accomplishing scheduled work in a safe and timely manner

Notify management within 24 hours of all vehicle moving violations, regardless of vehicle involved, personal or professional

Maintain and update driver's license, endorsements, medical examination card and any other documents needed to operate a commercial vehicle


This is an OJT job posting