(Sr./Lead) Engineer/Analyst I (II) - REQ-2024-3795

Flexible Work Arrangements: Hybrid

The Transmission Services Department (TSD) is primarily responsible for facilitating the purchase and utilization of Transmission Service (OASIS application), supporting PJM's interchange scheduling processes (ExSchedule application), and managing the processes and applications utilized to calculate and post available transfer capability (TARA/PAAC applications). These responsibilities require TSD to both administer and adhere to sections of the PJM Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT), Joint Operating Agreements (JOAs), PJM Manuals, and Regional Practices, which are governed by FERC, NERC, and NAESB requirements. This job description applies to the (Senior/Lead) Transmission Services Engineer/Analyst positions.

The Transmission Services Engineer/Analyst will perform various activities in support of the department functions outlined above including power system studies, the analysis of requests for Transmission Service, and the application of PJM's interchange schedule validation protocols. The candidate will support projects to improve TSD's business processes and systems and will monitor and maintain TSD's compliance to applicable reliability and business practice standards. The candidate will provide support to internal/external Transmission Service customers, industry groups, PJM stakeholders, and PJM's Markets and Operations personnel while also serving as a direct contributor to projects impacting PJM's wholesale electricity markets, regional planning process, and real-time system operations. Multi-tasking and cross-divisional teamwork are key components of this position.

In addition to the items outlined above, the Senior/Lead Transmission Services Engineer/Analyst provides team and project leadership and demonstrates the ability to understand complex problems and propose viable solutions. The Senior/Lead Engineer/Analyst will represent TSD in stakeholder and industry forums. Planning, organizing, issue recognition and problem solving are key components of this position.

Essential Functions:
 * Calculate Available Transfer/Flowgate Capability (ATC/AFC) including associated Capacity Benefit Margin and Transmission Reliability Margin allocations (CBM/TRM) consistent with applicable NERC standards.
 * Provide oversight for all processes and applications associated with the AFC/ATC calculations, including validation checking to ensure PJM is meeting or exceeding the applicable NERC standards.
 * Administer the Open Access Same-Time Information System (OASIS) and ExSchedule systems in support of PJM’s Transmission Service and interchange scheduling functions.
 * Provide oversight for all processes and applications associated with these systems including validation checking to ensure we are meeting or exceeding the applicable FERC, NERC, and NAESB requirements.
 * Serve as a subject matter expert for one or more of TSD’s various business functions
 * Develop and document TSD’s business requirements
 * Provide expert opinion and analysis to TSD’s internal and external customers
 * Recognize and recommend potential improvements to current TSD processes
 * Study and process long-term firm Transmission Service requests consistent with the rules and processes outlined in the PJM OATT.
 * Participate in efforts to implement business process and tool changes in anticipation of pending FERC/NERC requirements or NAESB business practices changes.
 * Maintain and update Joint Operating Agreements and/or PJM Manuals in support of established TSD processes.
 * Work with PJM stakeholders through the committee process and work with neighboring ISO/RTOs to ensure adherence to the JOAs and/or Manuals.
 * Participate in industry and stakeholder forums.
 * Provide direct support, including on-call support, to PJM dispatch and internal/external customers.
 * Apply the rules outlined by PJM’s governing documents and business practices consistently across all PJM members
 * In addition, the Senior/Lead Transmission Services Department Engineer/Analyst responsibilities include - Lead TSD projects related to application enhancement, industry and stakeholder drivers, cross-divisional efforts and process improvement.
 * Actively represent PJM in NERC and/or NAESB forums.
 * Evaluate industry changes for any potential impacts and recommend actions to management.
 * Coach and train others based on high level of technical acumen in the areas of Transmission Service or related areas.
 * Provide detailed analytical evaluations and provide vision and solutions to complex problems.
 * Proactively address business needs and requirements with innovative, creative and cost-effective solutions.

Characteristics & Qualifications:
 * BS degree in Engineering, Management Information Systems, Mathematics or equivalent work experience
 * Ability to produce high-quality work products with attention to detail
 * Experience in quantitative and qualitative analysis
 * Ability to use mathematical and electrical theory
 * Ability to troubleshoot and provide technical support
 * Ability to use mathematical and electrical theory
 * For the Sr. position experience with interchange arrangements, Bulk Power relationships, and FERC procedures

 * MS degree in Engineering
 * Experience with PJM operations, markets, and planning functions
 * Experience using PSS/e (power system analysis program)

Equal Opportunity Employer-minorities/females/veterans/individuals with disabilities/sexual orientation/gender identity