G&G Transit, LLC. is a pioneering force in nationwide freight transportation, actively seeking an
accomplished and dedicated CDL-Class A OTR Semi Truck Driver to join our dynamic and
rapidly expanding team. We are in pursuit of an individual who places a paramount emphasis on
safety, possesses unwavering self-motivation, and is committed to ensuring the secure and
efficient delivery of cargo to destinations spanning the United States. With our unyielding
commitment to exceptional service and a profound dedication to sustainable transportation, we
lead the charge in revolutionizing the logistics industry.

**Why Opt for G&G Transit?**

G&G Transit isn't just a workplace; it's a cohesive and supportive community that acknowledges
and esteems the contributions of each and every team member. We offer our drivers an
enticing compensation package comprising $23 per hour or 25% of the load post-fuel
(whichever is greater). If you are prepared to align yourself with a company that genuinely
values your expertise and dedication, we eagerly encourage you to apply today by forwarding
your resume to operations@ggtransit.com. We will continue accepting resumes until the
position is successfully filled.

**Key Responsibilities:**

- Meticulous adherence to federal, state, and local regulations, alongside meticulous observance
of company policies and protocols.
- Secure and punctual transportation of goods to customer destinations, meticulously following
designated routes and schedules.
- Thorough execution of pre-trip and post-trip inspections, promptly escalating any maintenance
issues or safety apprehensions.
- Precise completion of essential documentation, encompassing logbooks, bills of lading, and
delivery receipts before, during, and post each journey.
- Effective and proactive communication with Supervisors, dispatchers, warehouse personnel,
and clientele.
- Exemplification of professionalism and safety when navigating unexpected scenarios, including
but not limited to traffic bottlenecks or adverse weather conditions.
- Full compliance with health and safety regulations, encompassing the proper utilization of
personal protective equipment and unwavering adherence to COVID-19 protocols.

**Required Qualifications:**

- Possession of a valid CDL-Class A license.
- **Mandatory** impeccable driving record that signifies responsible driving conduct.
- Demonstrable absence of recent moving or driving infractions.
- **Essential** minimum of 2 years' demonstrated proficiency in operating heavy commercial
- In-depth knowledge of truck driving regulations and statutes.
- Adept organizational prowess coupled with impeccable time management abilities.
- Flexibility in accommodating work hours and a steadfast willingness to engage in regular OTR
- Peak physical condition, inclusive of the capacity to lift heavy cargo when necessitated.
- Successful completion of rigorous drug and alcohol screening.

Join the G&G Transit family today and become a cornerstone of our journey towards
innovative excellence in the world of transportation. Your skills, experience, and dedication
are not just appreciated – they're celebrated. Apply now and be a part of the