Employer seeking to fill 10 openings with the following titles:  Home Health Aide, Home Care Assist, and Personal Care Attendant

Home Health Aide:

Duties of a Home Health Aide (HHA)

Home Health Aides have specialized training to
attend to the following medical procedures:

  •  Taking basic vitals (pulse, respiration,temp.)
  •  Assist with medication administration
  •  Changing simple dressings
  • Skin care
  • Attend to diet regimens
  • Assist with braces & artificial limbs

They also administer personal care:

  • Companionship
  • Bathing
  • Toileting
  • Personal hygiene
  • Medication reminders
  •  Ambulation & transfer
  •  Walking exercise
  •  Dressing & grooming
  •  Turning clients
  •  Meal preparation
  •  Housekeeping & laundry
  •  Continence care
  •  Overnight monitoring
  •  Shopping & errands
  •  Escorting to medical appointments


Job Duties (Home Care Aide)

Home care assistants are expected to make their patients' lives easier and more comfortable. Their duties may include transporting patients to doctor's appointments, making beds, doing laundry, preparing meals, giving patients their medications, or running errands. They may change the patient's bandages, check vital signs, or simply apply lotion to dry skin areas. Some light cleaning may also be part of the job of a home care assistant, even if only to maintain sanitary conditions in the home environment.

Patients may need help bathing themselves, and it will be up to assistants to get them into the bath or shower. Assistants may also need to help patients get to and from the toilet, and sometimes it is necessary to change a patient's adult diaper if he or she is bed-bound. It is extremely important that the patient be allowed to maintain his or her dignity during these times.

For recreation, assistants can play card games or board games with patients, because it is a way of keeping them mentally active and alert. Crossword puzzles or arts and crafts are equally helpful activities because they can absorb the patient's attention or liven up the day. Even sitting with patients in the backyard or on the front porch for a couple of hours can be beneficial. The fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for the patients' outlook and well-being.

Duties of a Personal Care Aide (PCA)

Personal Care Aides provide assistance with the following:

  • • Companionship
  • • Bathing
  • • Toileting
  • • Personal hygiene
  • • Medication reminders
  • • Ambulation & transfer
  • • Walking exercise
  • • Dressing & grooming
  • • Basic skin care
  • • Turning clients
  • • Meal preparation
  • • Housekeeping & laundry
  • • Continence care
  • • Overnight monitoring
  • • Shopping & errands
  • • Escorting to medical appointments

Employer has requested that you have these specific requirements: 

1. High School Diploma or equivalent GED


3. Background Check

4. Drug Screening

5. Updated TB shot

8.  Valid Drivers/State Indentification

*Most important be caring, dependable, and trustworthy. 


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