Director Global Market Insights (Nouryon Chemicals, LLC) (Radnor, PA): Creating competitive advantages for Nouryon Chemicals by developing precise and expedited commercial decision-making strategies for determining the most appropriate sourcing for raw materials; Collaborating with Nouryon Chemicals' energy-buying teams to develop and maintain an expert understanding of markets for natural gas, oil, and coal, most importantly with respect to their relationships with the chemical building blocks for Nouryon value chains and raw materials; Monitoring and interpreting markets for upstream building blocks of Nouryon value chains and raw materials to ensure our products remain at the forefront of the industry in terms of quality and performance; Leading the creation of an independent and forward looking point-of-view of price trends for upstream building blocks to accurately predict overall costs for chemical development projects; Translating upstream insights into actionable knowledge for business leadership teams, business unit (BU) procurement directors, and raw materials category managers; Directing raw material category managers in their effort to identify opportunities for better savings outcomes; Establishing and nurturing relationships with third-party and internal sources of intelligence, in addition to creating an internal stakeholder network for our current portfolio; and Participating in the development of sourcing strategies for key raw materials, which will include conducting in-depth analyses and risk assessments to minimize and mitigate failures and challenges in the procurement process. Must have experience with the following in order to complete the above-mentioned tasks: Good knowledge and understanding of the chemical supply chains, including trends in those markets and their potential impact on sourcing strategies; Demonstrated effectiveness in providing insights and intelligence based on large amounts of structured and unstructured data; Commodity supply/demand forecasts based on tracking current production and consumption and announced and presumed changes in production or consumption capacity; Construction of supply curves and quantification of the cost to produce for the market's incremental supplier, and cost for each new increment of supply capacity; A clear understanding of the price setting mechanism currently working in the marketplace and the key drivers that could change this; and an understanding of the secondary and/or related drivers for each commodity (i.e. by-product economics, co-product economics) and what effect changes in these drivers would have on a company's supply position. Requires a Bachelor's degree or foreign equivalent in Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Business Management, or related field and at least five (5) years of experience as a Market Analyst/Intelligence manager or related occupation. Option to work from home is available. Travel required: 40% within the US and occasionally to Europe and Asia. Salary: $164,382 - $210,000.00/year. Please send C.V. to kristi.noble@nouryon.com and reference #100.